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Perhaps now more than ever, amidst the nationwide “Great Resignation”, corporate employees are beginning to analyze their working conditions with a more critical eye. The last two years have been tough for the American worker, yet the pandemic and its consequences have actually had some benefits. Employees now are expecting a greater work-life balance, to have more control over their progress or success, and even are transitioning into new areas of work. 


With all of these employees now searching for the career that’s right for them, the insurance industry is simultaneously experiencing tremendous growth. At Senior Services of North America, we’ve experienced the benefits of selling life insurance first-hand, and besides being extremely lucrative, there are incredible professional development opportunities to be had. Below, we’ve compiled 3 reasons to help answer the question: Why become an insurance agent? 


Benefits of Selling Life Insurance: 


Insurance Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Through the pandemic, we witnessed thousands of people lose their jobs, many people taking dramatic pay cuts, and stores or small businesses permanently close. Some industries or positions similarly start the automation process through the application of advanced technologies. When it comes to something as crucial as life insurance, people would always prefer to speak to an experienced professional ahead of a computer before making any life-altering decisions. The fact is, people will always need insurance, and as long as you know how to sell insurance, your position will never float away. In today’s ever-changing work climate, that is not the case for many industries. 


Be Your Own Boss!

As mentioned above, the average worker is tired of taking consistent orders from the boss, tired of the traditional 9-5 work schedule, and tired of attending meeting after meeting to discuss the same things. If you’re someone that prefers a “hands-off” work environment where your day is scheduled around what you think is most important, then selling insurance is the perfect option for you. As long as you are focused, active, efficient, and consistently hitting your sales numbers, your schedule is entirely up to you. If your performance can speak for itself, you won’t need to worry about taking time off or not attending meetings.


Working for Yourself AND Others:

The benefits of selling life insurance include income growth, a better work-life balance, and a seamless transition to financial success. At the core of life insurance sales, however, is the notion that you get to play a major role in helping others achieve security and confidence. If you’re a true people person, working with clients on developing their policies and helping them make sound lifelong decisions will be an incredible experience for you. 


Ready to Start Your Insurance Journey? 

Senior Services of North America, or SSNA, is one of the fastest-growing FMO’s in the country. Feel like your current organization cannot provide you with the necessary tools to independently grow? Looking for a new and exciting career that’s both lucrative and rewarding? Our Insurance Agency programs introduce you to an entirely new skill set for attracting new clients, selling more products, and ultimately becoming your own boss. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to speak with one of our team members!