Are the PRODUCTS you sell IN-VOGUE?

Are you noticing an upward trend in the products and services that you are currently offering?

In the competitive landscape in the Insurance industry today, it is important that you are offering the products that the population needs and is asking for.

Senior Services of North America has the products and services that you need to
Attract new clients, sell more of your core products and Create additional residual revenue streams.

“How long will you wait to get involved in this explosive industry?”

The Senior Medicare Market will continue to grow exponentially each day, the question to ask yourself, is how long will you wait to get involved in this explosive industry.

Medicare Marketplace

Medicare is on the most Explosive market-niches in the Insurance Industry today. There is a reason for that…..

Simply…. It’s called the “Aging of America”

 11,400 people a day turn 65 in this country. They need your help!

In today’s society, we know that people are living longer and a major concern is their Health Insurance coverage. As you may know, Medicare is basic coverage and these seniors need additional coverage to cap the high costs of healthcare.

That’s where you come in. As an agent, not only do you help them cap the highs cost of healthcare, but you help the senior avoid a PENALTY every month from failing to enroll in Prescription Drug coverage.

OPPORTUNITY: If a senior does not enroll into a creditable plan, they will receive a PENALTY EVERY MONTH.

Ask yourself….. Do you have this many prospects available to offer your current products to?

Chances are, you do not. However, the Medicare Market is an exciting way to position you not only to earn substantial income, attract new clients, but most importantly, sell more of your core products.

Retirement Planning

To retire early or retire later……. That is the question!

A major concern for retirees is how they will maintain their lifestyle when they are no longer employed. With proper planning, one can achieve their monetary goals in addition to their Social Security.

47% of seniors are not confident that their income will be sufficient to meet their monthly expenses over the next five to ten years.

We offer agents the technology and support to help you position your clients for retirement

With a variety of Annuities, Retirement options to offer, You can be that resource to put the proper planning in place.

Partner with Senior Services of North America to get in front of more prospects, gain more referrals and grow your business to where it belongs.

Looking to get in front of more retirees?

We have turn-key lead and seminar programs to brand yourself in your community

Imagine being able to attract 45 or more potential prospects to your seminar…. We’ve got you covered!

Life/Final Expense Insurance

It is important to provide the peace of mind that one’s family seeks to cover the escalating costs and to retain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

8 out of 10 households need basic life insurance but do not have an agent – LIMRA

As an agent and broker, you can provide the adequate coverage needed with an affordable Life/ Final Expense policy

Our average writing agent submits an average of $2,700 a week in premium.

78% of life insurance shoppers with previous relationships with their agent, bought life insurance when their agent presented to them – LIMRA

Our average agent submits an average of $2,700 a week in premium

Whether you are looking for whole life, UL, IUL, GUL, Term of Final Expense We’ve got you covered.

We have options that fit all clients needs, budget and underwriting concerns.

With all of the rules, regulations, and compliance changing the landscape, SSNA will make sure you have everything in good order.

Our proprietary technology platform allows agents to run quotes and do E-Apps all in one portal.

Dental Insurance

Do your clients ever ask you about Dental insurance?
Most agents do not offer dental because they fill it is difficult and not enough commissions to be earned.

But…. The Dental Insurance market is a high-demand sector and a GREAT DOOR OPENER!

71% of employed seniors intend to keep their dental. – Gallup Study 2015

Individuals and families of all ages are always looking for dental options. 
Now you can use Dental as a door opener for other products you offer.

Senior Services of North America has a variety of options from discount plans to PPO’s.
These plans are available to individuals, families, seniors and employee groups both large and small.

SSNA is always on the cutting edge of technology. As about your no-cost Dental website that can inform and enroll clients online.

Long Term Care

$500,000 is the projected average cost for 2 years of long-term care 30 years from now.

The median cost for a private room in a nursing home in the United States in 2019 was $102,200 – Genworth 2019 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by CareScout in 2019 (National Median)

The question your clients may ask is: How will I pay for that?

70% of Americans age 65 out older will need extended care services – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Family Caregiver Alliance
With the proper planning in a place with Long-Term care products, your clients can have the peace of mind they deserve.

With a variety of different products and services in the ever-changing industry, there are traditional Long-Term care products and Hybrid products that will offer the protection your clients are looking for.
Most agents and brokers do not offer Long-Term care products due to the difficulty of underwriting and research

Don’t worry….. We’ve got you covered!

Senior Services of North America has the products and technology you need to put in a clients needs and budget to find the plan that is suitability for them

Hospital Indemnity Plans

With the rising costs of healthcare, people are looking for ways to protect themselves in addition to their health insurance.
Medicare Advantage enrollments are growing substantially year after year.

Our proprietary technology platform allows agents to run quotes and do E-Apps all in one portal.

Individuals look for ways to cap co-pays, deductible, and co-insurance. A way that many people find protection is with Hospital Indemnity plans.
With a suite of carriers and options, you can tailor a plan to an individual’s needs and budget.

Agents have the ability to design plans to cover the co-pays, co-insurance, and deductible that individuals would receive if they entered a hospital.
Offer the protection your clients deserve with Hospital Indemnity plans.

Senior Services of North America is dedicated in making agents
Different, Smarter and Better than the Competition.

Let’s take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

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