Lead Generation Strategies for Health Care Agents

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It’s hard to tell how healthcare will evolve in the future, but one thing remains certain; it will always be needed. If you’re a healthcare insurance agent, that’s good news for you. But, finding new clients isn’t always easy. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced agent, the professionals at Senior Services of North America are here to share five strategies to help you generate new healthcare insurance leads


Active Listening

To be a successful health insurance agent, you have to be a conversation starter, but more importantly, you also have to be a listener. You need to collect as much information from your potential clients as you can, including relevant personal information like physical and mental health, as well as family, lifestyle, interests, and occupation. This not only helps to create a strong relationship built on trust, but it will make your job easier and more profitable. 


Keep in Touch

While some people think print is outdated, we’re here to tell you that it’s not when you’re trying to generate new healthcare insurance leads. One of the least expensive but most impactful ways to utilize print is through business cards. Not only are they a great networking tool, but they offer easy access to all your information. When it comes time to purchase new insurance, instead of scouring the internet for “health care insurance agent near me”, your business card will be available. Keep your business card simple, straightforward, and uncluttered, and pass them out to everyone.  


Be Active in the Community

Your business card will only go so far if the person doesn’t have a face to put to the name. Join a local club, be a part of a business association, or volunteer at an organization and establish yourself within your community. Not only will this show the community that you’re caring and committed, but it will also ensure you’re an integral part of the town. These types of events are another opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and businesses and hand out your business card. You will be top of mind the next time someone searches for a healthcare insurance agent near me


Ask for Referrals

Pass out your business cards to friends and family to distribute, and always ask for referrals from existing clients. Ensure you always follow up with a referral and thank them for suggesting you, even if you don’t make a sale. Being kind and enthusiastic with your follow-up can guarantee that your referral will refer you again. You can also offer incentives, like a gift card to a local restaurant, for referrals who buy a policy from you. 


Utilize the Internet

Having an appealing website with all your information is a great tool for generating leads. You can share your social media channels, start a blog, and post customer testimonials on your website. You can even start an email campaign and send newsletters to your email subscribers about relevant and educational information.


At Senior Services of North America, we are a leading health insurance lead generation company that wants to help you stand out from the sea of competition by being different, smarter, and better. We utilize a proven system designed for your success that not only attracts new leads but also produces more commissions. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today, and one of our Area Representatives will contact you.