Looking Back Just 20 years, the landscape of technology has changed. Especially in the insurance industry.

Look how online carriers have transformed the way Property/Casualty and Life Insurance can be purchased. This online presence has created a highly competitive landscape for agents and brokers. So how does the agent and broker of the future become more up to date? It’s Simply using technology to your advantage just like these online carriers.

Technology has changed the way we market to people, communicate with clients as well as cross-sell other product lines

The overall impact to agents and brokers has shaken the amount of agents and brokers who are truly productive. If you are not embracing and incorporating technology, your future could be in jeopardy.


SSNA has incorporated technology platforms that will assist you in areas such as:



  • Check Dr, Hosp, RX for ALL plans in one platform
  • Send a E-Scope via Email or Text Message
  • Side by side comparison if plans
  • Email Plan comparison
  • Enroll prospects via Email or Text message in ONE PLATFORM

Income ArchiTECH™

  • Income
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Harvest Patterns
  • Social Security
  • Taxes
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Stress Tests

total® Social Security

Software that builds Social Security Planning into your Practice


  • Time-saving features
  • On-screen portfolio comparison
  • Best-in-class algorithms
  • Easy-to-explain reports
  • Simple-to-use software

Tax Clarity®

  • Effective tax rate analysis
  • Study expected income needs
  • Understand required minimum distributions
  • Bring all sources of income into the evaluation
  • Estimate 10-20 years of expected tax

LA Pro®

  • App by Email®
  • AICOE® – Facilitate your client’s MA-PD enrollment online
  • RX Import
  • e-App
  • Lead Disposition
  • Customize User Roles
  • Quote Multiple Products

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