How to Generate Quality Leads as an Insurance Agent

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Finding new insurance clients isn’t always easy. While the internet has significantly simplified this process, new and seasoned agents may still find themselves struggling to bring in new leads. Leads are the fuel to your business’s growth and success. To propel yourself forward, you’ll need an incessant pipeline of new business opportunities. At SSNA, we have developed a multi-prong approach that increases your ratios at connections with prospects. While hundreds of lead generation tools and strategies are available today, we’re sharing three approaches that will help you generate more quality leads. 


Lead Generation Tips

The insurance business is relationship-focused, meaning you must get to know who your clients are and what they want. Not all potential clients have the same insurance needs or requirements. It’s important to establish proper lines of communication and be mindful of what your clients prefer. The deeper connections you make, the stronger your relationships will be. Your clients will appreciate the personalized touch, and you will gain their trust. A connection with products to needs is also crucial. Choosing a product line with niche demand and low cost is an excellent door-opening approach. SSNA has a full suite of desirable products to make you different, smarter, and better than the typical agent. These tactics can help give you insight into what you might have to do to earn their business. 


Customer Referrals

While this method may be considered old school, word-of-mouth referrals work. If you’re looking to find quality leads, a referral from a happy client is your best bet. According to MarketingCharts, a whopping 93% of people trust the recommendations from their family and friends, indicating word of mouth still matters in the digital age. Unfortunately, for new agents, word-of-mouth referrals can be difficult to achieve if your client list is small. Creating a simple referral program can be a great way to generate leads and filter out poor-quality ones. Try offering a simple incentive, like a gift card, as a way to thank current clients for referring you. At SSNA, we developed a “Ladder to Success” model. Taking a person from a suspect, prospect, or client to finally an advocate. At each phase, you gain trust and respect. By simple follow-up methods, you can achieve success being the ultimate advocate.


Online Marketing

Having a strong online presence can help generate quality leads. In fact, in today’s world, most of your leads will come from the internet. Your first line of defense is an influential website. Your website will be your first impression to potential clients, so make sure it’s attractive, informative, and engaging. It also pays to get listed on reputable review sites, like Google My Business. Gaining credibility through client testimonials helps establish trustworthiness. Another online marketing tactic you can employ is optimizing your SEO. This strategy helps you receive more website traffic and rank higher on search engines. You can also take advantage of social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, to generate new leads. According to a Simply Business survey, small business owners who spent at least 6 hours every week on their social media channels were twice as likely to generate new leads than those who didn’t engage with clients. Using social media is a great way to interact with current clients and build relationships with new ones. If you are looking to put together an efficient social media campaign, simply reach out to our experienced staff for some easy boosting techniques.


Lead Generation Tools

It’s no secret that technology can help generate leads. At Senior Services of North America, we utilize lead generation tools that attract new prospects and produce more commissions. Our system goes across a spectrum of purchasing behaviors to produce proven results. Increase your bottom line when you employ our tools and services. Not everyone responds to marketing the same way, so our staff will show you the power of diversification and how it can provide more leads for you. 

If you’re looking to attract new clients, sell more of your core products, and create an additional revenue stream, the insurance lead generation services we provide at Senior Services of North America will help. For more lead generation tools and tips, connect with our team today. It’s not a question if you need to become an expert in marketing, but rather is there a proven formula to follow. The good news is, YES. Give SSNA a call! It’s our pleasure to share info that could change your production forever.