Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have in New Jersey

Just as the economy never stops shifting, nor does the insurance industry. No longer are the days where workers stash cash under their mattress for retirement or patients present a check to their doctors. The majority of people today are focused on protecting their financial assets for the long-term, both for their personal retirement spending and for the loved ones who will benefit after they’re gone. 

At Senior Services of America, we provide top-rate insurance product offerings to those here in New Jersey and those across the nation so that they can have a secure and comfortable future. While some people may not think they need certain policies, there are a few critical plans that are incredibly vital to safeguard your finances. Below, we’ve listed three insurance products and policies that every single person should have. 

Life Insurance: 

The importance of life insurance can never be understated. Some people may hold the incorrect idea that they are fully healthy and therefore have no need for life insurance. This assumption is incredibly bold and perhaps a bit reckless, as we all know, emergencies and fatal incidents can occur to anyone, anywhere, any time. A life insurance policy is a contract between a person and the insurer wherein insurers pay a sum of money to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the insured person. Essentially, it financially protects those who are dependent on you, whether that be your children, spouse, or even your own parents. These plans also consider the cost of burials, which range in New Jersey and other states, and place an unexpected cost on your loved ones.  

Health Insurance: 

It’s no secret that medical payments continue to rise astronomically by the decade. A simple trip to the doctor can end up costing you a payment that you weren’t prepared for, not to mention the dramatically high costs of hospital bills. Health insurance certainly is one of the most important insurance products, yet many still people have qualms about these policies because of their high price. The reality is, the price for health insurance in today’s world is actually marginal compared to the potential costs of opting out of coverage. The price of medical care is simply far too high for the average person to afford, and if the unfortunate yet inevitable incident happens where you or a family member needs a more serious operation or hospital stay, the bill can place dramatic pressure on anyone!  

Long-Term Disability Insurance:

Similar to health insurance, many people think that they won’t need disability insurance because they maybe don’t want to imagine the idea of not being able to perform their job anymore. The right disability insurance will ensure that you are protected not only now in your current position, but also when you’re no longer able to perform the job’s functions. Long-term disability is especially necessary, as it gives workers around half of a worker’s salary to cover disabilities. There are different insurance policies available based upon your unique industry and job, as some jobs clearly yield a higher injury potential. 

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In the United States, nearly 12,000 people a day turn 65. As we know, the standard age of retirement will continue to rise in the future. These people need your help! The team at SSNA will help develop you into the best insurance agent possible, presenting you with the necessary tools to equip seniors in New Jersey and around the country with the guidance to make sound insurance investments.