Pennsylvania Medicare Sales Training

If you ask any entrepreneur, billionaire tech owner, or successful business owner how they reached the level of success they did, they most likely will all tell you that one component was due to having a great mentor. Mentors are extremely important in all facets of life, whether it be the transfer of more technical knowledge that relates to your career or more social knowledge that helps you become a better leader, friend, and operator. At Senior Services of North America, we truly emphasize the importance of mentorship in the ever-changing insurance business. 

When you become an agent with SSNA, you become your own boss. While clearly there are so many benefits from being your own boss such as making your own hours, not taking orders from higher-ups, and reaping higher profits, it also means that there can be some pressure on your shoulders to perform. That’s why having an experienced mentor is so crucial in our business! Whether you’re here in Pennsylvania or anywhere across the nation, we can assign you or your team with one of our expert Medicare Training Mentors to guide you into becoming the best you can be. Take a look below to learn some of the key benefits of mentorship in the insurance industry. 

They Give Constructive Criticism: 

Perhaps one of the key characteristics of an insurance mentor is their ability to deliver criticism in a beneficial yet respectful way. If you were ever an athlete, you’ve experienced the coach who always yells but never truly teaches. Similarly, you may have experienced the coach that stays quiet and wants to be everyone’s friend but doesn’t give the necessary advice to improve you as a player. A great insurance mentor is not afraid to give you the critique and feedback that you need to be successful but does so in a respectful way. They never embarrass you for asking questions or trying something new, in fact, they encourage it! 

They Never Stop Learning!

A mentor who has the mindset of “I’ve learned everything I need to know” has no use for a mentoree! The reality is, with so many changes in technology and even the industry, a true leader and entrepreneur never stops sharpening their craft. The mentorship relationship can and should actually be mutually beneficial, as mentors learn how to lead, how to inspire, and how to translate what they know into ways that make sense. A true mentor is also always focused on the next accomplishment, meaning they do not rest when they have achieved a certain bracket or title. One of the key characteristics of an insurance mentor is that they learn with you. 

They Share Their Expertise: 

Clearly, with all this said, a mentorship relationship is still most beneficial for the mentoree who gains the opportunity to learn industry insights and tips from an experienced professional. In the national field of insurance, and especially in the competitive Pennsylvania landscape, newer professionals who have the privilege of working with seasoned pros receive the ultimate advantage. Mentors clearly have the right skills and knowledge to help you, but they also have the right relationships in the field, which as we know, are incredibly crucial in our industry! 

Gain Unparalleled Mentorship with SSNA! 

Are you reading this and thinking to yourself, “where are the best mentoring programs near me?” SSNA provides the most comprehensive mentorship programs for aspiring agents in Pennsylvania. Our experts will get you licensed and provide you with in-depth knowledge of the industry, smart sales techniques, innovative marketing tools, and much more. Join our mentorship program today to become a mentor tomorrow!