How to Stay Informed About Health Insurance in Connecticut

As an insurance agent, staying on top of health insurance news is equally important as your marketing or sales skills. Especially in the current world we live in amid this prolonging pandemic, your ability to educate patients on policies and plans has perhaps never been more crucial. Not just here in Connecticut, but people around the nation have questions about healthcare and insurance, are unsure about their benefits, or are genuinely just confused about the entire process. 

Agents need to be entirely informed on the products or trends in the industry to truly increase their conversation rates and make patients feel confident and safe. At SSNA, we’ve started the Insurance News Network, a broadcast dedicated to informing, updating, and ultimately providing insurance agents with a knowledgeable background to be more successful in the marketplace. Whether you’re working in Connecticut or anywhere nationwide, below we’ve listed some reasons why it’s important to stay informed about health insurance. 

Price Calculations: 

Clearly, health and long-term coverage are on the top of each patient’s mind. With that said, it wouldn’t be fair to ignore the other glaring component of health care: costs. The average American is concerned about the price of appointments, treatments, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Rightfully so, as these are all major expenses if insurance is not covering them. Before scheduling anything directly, we recommend that you go to your carrier’s website and perform a thorough check on your deductible and see what exactly is covered by insurance. 

Read Everything:

Chances are if you’re not a doctor, physician, or medical professional, you’re incredibly confused on how certain prices are reached or how the process works in general. If you pay attention to health insurance news, you might have heard that certain costs have gone up or certain surgeries are now covered, but there are still things in the fine print that you need to consider. We suggest that you always ask for copies of any paperwork you receive during your visit, and similarly note that you always ask if your appointment, test, or treatment is covered by insurance up-front. This way you can ensure that any treatment is insurance by someone in your network and avoid major costs to your personal pocket. 

Ensure Your Bill is Correct:

Believe it or not, the majority of medical bills actually contain incorrect pricing information. Pretty crazy to hear right? In such a fast-paced environment, there are a plethora of errors that can occur in the billing process that typically would never happen in other industries. In many cases, you will be overcharged for whatever medical services you received or products you’ve ordered. As a patient, you have earned the ability to go through your bills with someone who knows the correct and fair prices. 

Stay Informed with SSNA! 

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s extremely important that patients understand the right line of questioning and their rights in the process. On the same note, it’s even more important that insurance agents are complete experts in this field so that they can help their clients! Through our myriad of training programs and our Insurance News Network, agents will learn the ins and outs of the medical insurance field to be better equipped to handle anything thrown their way. Join us today to find out how!